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Middle Ages: Peasants & Knights is an upcoming medieval survival game set in an open world inspired by the 14th century Europe. 

True Inventory System

Feel both the burden and the satisfaction of a realistic weight and inventory system. Find effective ways to move resources around.

Realistic Crafting

Immerse yourself in detailed crafting based on real historical methods. Process raw materials and make tools and weapons. 

Resource Management

Gather natural resources and store them for future use. Plan ahead and ensure you have everything you need before it’s too late.

Building Variety

Survive in small shelters or take control of the land and use dedicated and modular buildings to build entire villages with castles.

Diverse Farming

Take care of and raise livestock and grow variety of vegetables, fruits and grains for survival, work, or trade.

Gameplay Freedom

Every sunrise brings new challenges. Your decisions hold the power to shape how the day ends when the sun sets.

A Place to Belong

Join our Discord server and forge bonds with like-minded soulsitching to explore the world of Middle Ages: Peasants & Knights.

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